Original Art

Benefits of Buying Original Art

  • All your friends and family will think you are super cool. Because when you buy original art - you are super cool. A unique person made it, it’s one of a kind and no one else has the exact piece. It's awesome!
  • There is energy and juju in original art. (juju = good magic.) Whose home couldn’t use a little juju!
  • You are supporting an actual human being instead of a computer or robot or corporation that doesn’t have feelings or creativity bursting forth, or netflix and organic food to pay for, or a care for the juju of your home. You will rest easier at night knowing you support a real person.
  • If the artist you supported becomes uber famous, you too will be transported to fame and fortune for owning their early work! Just imagine the house parties you’ll throw! (But watch out for wine spills!)
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Doe Baby Original Oil Painting
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"Floating Cactus" Original Oil Painting
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"Zamira" 9 x 12 Original Oil Painting
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"Madam Lu" 9 X 12 Original Oil Painting
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