"Marfa" Indigo & Cochineal Shibori Throw Blanket

"Marfa" Indigo & Cochineal Shibori Throw Blanket

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First, I dyed this with cochineal so there is the faintest purple tint in places. Then I dipped it in indigo.

Beautiful, hand-dyed indigo Shibori throw blanket on 100% linen. It's the perfect throw or wrap for naps, travel, beach and picnics!

It measures approximately 52" x 66"

What exactly is cochineal, you ask? Cochineal is an insect that lives on cacti. The bugs produce a substance called carminic acid which helps keep predators away and this is what is used to make the red dye.

Fun fact, carmine dye or cochineal is used in lipsticks and red food coloring.

I hand dye these and hem a zig zag stitch around the edges so it keeps a more raw edge - which I prefer the look of. No two are alike.